Fairytale tips to young on 999 calls

Young pupils learn all about 999 calls
Young pupils learn all about 999 calls

The North West Ambulance Service has turned to Grimms fairy to educate children on when they should call 999.

Stories such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty have been given a modern twist in a new book, written by Mathew Owen and illustrated by Emmeline Pidgen, which will be available to primary school children across the region.

The concept comes after NWAS revealed it received more than one million 999 calls in 2019, however over a third of these were for non-emergency situations, with callers ringing for incidents such as stomach pains, backache stubbed toes and hiccups.

The service is now trying to educate young children on which scenarios are considered to be an emergency in a bid to reduce the number of non-emergency callers and help people understand where else they can get help.