Children run for tragic toddlers Loui Aspinall and Presley Stockton

Runners get in training for their forthcoming fancy dress run at Borsdane Woods, Hindley, organised by Tony Taylor
Runners get in training for their forthcoming fancy dress run at Borsdane Woods, Hindley, organised by Tony Taylor
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Two tragic toddlers who died after drowning on holiday will be remembered during a children’s charity run to take place next month.

Young players for Ince Rose Bridge Rugby Club will take part in a four-mile fancy dress run through Hindley’s Borsdane Woods in December to raise money for Infant Swim Survival.

Tony Taylor, who helps train the under 11s in extra winter sessions, decided to organise the event following the deaths of Presley Stockton and Loui Aspinall, who both lost their lives after drowning on holiday.

“I do something for charity every year,” said Tony. “I like to take part in assault courses and give the money to a good cause. A lot of people on Facebook and a lot of people round here suggested that we raise money for the Infant Swim Survival charity, especially in light of what has happened to Presley.

“Loui’s mum Emma, who runs the charity, explained to me what they do and how the same thing happened to her son five years ago. It’s only her that does what she’s doing in the whole country,

“When it happened to Loui she was looking at what there was to prevent things like this from happening again. She went to America to train up to do it.”

Loui was only two when he died in 2013 after following his unsuspecting dad into the pool during a holiday to Tunisia. His mum Emma was only feet away at the shallow end when she saw Loui face down in the water.

The event takes place just months after the death of Presley Stockton, four, during a family trip to Los Cristianos, Tenerife. “Little P” as he was affectionately known, was found unresponsive in the pool at the four-star Paradise Park hotel.

Tony, who is training the children each week in Borsdane Woods, came up with the idea to keep the children fit during the winter while giving them a fun incentive to help other people.

“It’s really good for running in Borsdane Woods,” he said. “It gets them fit for the season. We started in there last weekend. It’s not a easy task, I think it’s around 2.2 miles from the entrance to where we come out at the Gerrard Arms and then the same back.”

The fancy dress run, which started with the under-11 group, is now attracting interest from other age groups who are intending to take part.

“I think a lot more people are going to be doing it than I originally thought. If anyone else wants to join in they are more than welcome. We just ask that people who take part raise some money. We want to give as much as we can to the charity.”

The run will start at Danes Avenue, Hindley, on Sunday December 16 at noon.

An inquest into Presley's death opened at Bolton Coroner's Court this week. It was then adjourned indefinitely pending the preparation of reports.