Bradley Wiggins: Doping scandal nearly killed my wife

Bradley Wiggins and wife Cath
Bradley Wiggins and wife Cath

Sir Bradley Wiggins has revealed this year’s doping scandal “nearly killed” his wife, Cath.

The 2012 Tour de France champion and Team Sky were accused of crossing “ethical lines” by a parliamentary committee - something which Wiggins has denied.

And he has lifted the lid on the devastating impact the controversy had on his family, including Cath, who hails from Shevington.

“You watch your family suffer, and it’s terrible,” Wiggins told The Guardian. “It nearly killed my wife. She ended up in rehab over it. I’m at home having to deal with it.

“Because she’s bi-polar she has this fear of shame, people watching her all the time. You couldn’t say that at the time because you’ve asked for it, because you’ve won the Tour de France. No, I didn’t ask for that actually. I only asked for a fair trial.”

He says Cath, the owner of Standish-based cycling studio Circle Cycling, is now doing well.

Wiggins, who lives in Euxton and is a life member of the Wigan Warriors, has released a new book, ‘Icons’ and is about to go on a national speaking tour.