Patient sues dentist

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A WOMAN has been awarded £6,000 in an out of court settlement after her former dentist failed to treat her tooth decay properly.

Jennifer Ashworth, 26, sued Dr Angela Wilson from GN & AD Wilson Dental Clinic in Dalton-In-Furness, Cumbria, after she received substandard treatment on six teeth.

As a result Ms Ashworth, from Leigh, suffered avoidable dental problems.

She said: “Over the nine years I visited Dr Wilson I underwent various procedures, but never thought that her failures were actually causing the dental problems I was experiencing.

“It was only when I moved house and saw a new dentist that I was told I needed further treatment to correct the poor work that Dr Wilson had done.”

Evidence provided for Jennifer’s lawyer, Jonathan Owen, from specialist dental negligence law firm the Dental Law Partnership, showed that Dr Wilson’s failure to spot the decay left Jennifer needing root canal treatment on one tooth as well as fillings on another five teeth.

Dr Wilson then perforated the tooth when carrying out the root canal treatment, which resulted in its needing to be extracted.

The fillings that Dr Wilson did were also not of a high standard, and Jennifer now needs all five replacing.

Owen said: “Spotting tooth decay in a timely manner, before it causes the problems that Jennifer has experienced, is a basic skill every dentist should have.

“To then provide treatment so poor that it leads to a tooth being lost really is unacceptable.

“Dr Wilson’s failures in the way she treated Miss Ashworth have resulted in my client suffering permanent and unavoidable damage.”

Ms Ashworth said: “It is really upsetting to know that this could have been prevented, but I am glad that it is settled and I can now move on. The money is going towards the treatment I now need to repair Dr Wilson’s mistakes.”

Dr Wilson has not admitted liability.