Parents’ joy as son goes to school

Braiden Prescott enjoyed his first day at primary school
Braiden Prescott enjoyed his first day at primary school

LITTLE Braiden Prescot has settled into school life - much to the delight of his proud parents.

Stephanie Reece and Wayne Prescott, thought they may never see the moment as his cancerous tumour showed little sign of shrinking and treatment in America had failed.

But the four-year-old, who lives in Wigan, has started full time at primary school, whilst undergoing chemotherapy and appears to be improving.

His mum, Stephanie, 22, said: “Braiden loved his first day at school.

“He didn’t want to put his packed lunch on the trolley with the others and threw himself on the floor when we did but other than that, he had a good time and came home with a story to tell us,

“He is doing brilliantly, although he has been tired and cried when we left him one morning but I checked on him at dinner time and he was fine. He will get used to the routine soon.

“He has a one-on-one tutor so she is with him all the time.

“He is definitely interacting more with other children as you can see the difference of how he is with his younger brother Tyler. He can’t wait to get his uniform on. This is a big milestone for him and he’s doing well, we are very proud parents.”

Braiden regularly attends Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for chemotherapy and finished his fifth round last week.

Stephanie added: “Braiden is doing very well. On his fourth round of chemo it knocked his platelet and blood count a bit but not enough to transfuse, and it took a week to recover.

“We spoke to Braiden’s consultant and he thinks he is becoming resistant to the chemo but we have to wait and see what happens now after this round.

“If Braiden is becoming resistant to the chemo there is no point keeping him on it as it won’t be doing anything for him apart from lowering his platelet and blood counts, but we are hoping he is okay after this round.

“He should have had scans after his fourth round but we are a bit behind schedule so he is booked in on September 12 and 13 for a scan to see what is happening with his tumour.”

Braiden’s family is still fund-raising to pay back money for his treatment in America and for possible further therapies. Braiden Lee’s Fantastic Music Event will take place at Crilly Park Football Park, Spa Road, Atherton, on Saturday, September 28, from 1pm until midnight.

A variety of bands and solo artists will be performing and there will be funfair rides for youngsters. Entry is £3.

Anyone wishing to help Braiden, who is also supported by charity Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, can donate via the, or by text message by texting BRLE99 and an amount to 70070.