Our roads are getting safer

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HUNDREDS of people are still being injured in traffic accidents across the borough each year but road safety is getting better, new reports show.

Figures released by the parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety (Pacts) show there were 155 casualties on the roads in the Wigan constituency in 2014 and 177 in Makerfield.

Yvonne Fovargue MP

Yvonne Fovargue MP

The highest local figures were recorded in Leigh, where 225 people were killed or injured in 2014. Leigh was also the only one of the three constituencies where casualties rose last year compared to the 2013 figures.

But the long-term road safety trends remain downward, with Wigan casualties falling by almost 120 since 2009 and in Makerfield by just under 100 in the same time period.

Makerfield MP Yvonne Fovargue set the improving local picture had to be set against national data which showed casualties rose in 2014 and called on all road-users to play their part in keeping highways safe. She said: “Every injury and death on our roads is a tragedy and nationally road casualty figures for 2013 showed the lowest number of road deaths since records began, so it was really disappointing that the recent statistics for 2014 showed an increase in fatalities and serious injuries on our roads. The truth is that we all have a personal responsibility to make our roads safer by following the Highway Code and crucially adhering to signage, speed limits and driving to the road conditions.”

The Pacts data shows there were two fatalities, 18 serious casualties and 135 slight injuries on Wigan’s roads in 2014. In Makerfield there were no fatalities but 26 people were seriously hurt and 151 suffered slight injuries last year, while in Leigh there were two fatalities, 25 serious injuries and 198 slight ones.

Reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) is happening 18 per cent faster than the national rate in Wigan and three per cent quicker in Makerfield. But in Leigh it is eight per cent slower.

To view results in more detail visit the website: www.pacts.org.uk/dashboard

l In yesterdy’s Wigan Evening Post article about Brake’s Drive Less, Live More it was stated that we are currently in national Road Safety Week. It in fact takes place next week and we apologise for any confusion caused.