The Derek Beaumont Column: We need to let rugby do the talking

Martyn Ridyard goes over the line last weekend. Photo: Paul McCarthy
Martyn Ridyard goes over the line last weekend. Photo: Paul McCarthy
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Sunday saw us continue our winning run against a gutsy and physical Swinton side in what turned out to be a scrappy affair.

It is disappointing that we let ourselves get involved in such a situation when we had gone so well all season in that department.

We need to let our rugby do the talking as when we did we looked really comfortable and that is what will be required when it comes down to business.

We defended really well keeping the Lions to one try and scored, so it is frustrating that we have clouded that by getting involved in a brawl which is just unnecessary in the game.

We have avoided a trip to Red Hall so far this season but I have a feeling I will be setting my sat nav to a previous destination sometime soon to deal with the aftermath of that game.

Neil has made it perfectly clear that this will not be tolerated - something I have reinforced - so I look forward to seeing a disciplined performance throughout the remainder of the season irrespective of what is thrown at us and that must start on Saturday in what will undoubtedly be a big emotional game.

I won’t be at the game but will be watching with interest from Dubai and I am particularly looking forward to seeing young Stefan Jones walk out with Gaz Hock as our mascot.

He is an adorable young boy who, through the dedication of his father, has been in the arms of many of the game’s top players and I know he will have a massive smile on the day, perhaps topped only by that of his proud father. It will also be an emotional affair when former player and National Sales, manager of my business Sean Richardson takes to the field on my behalf to present his best mate Gareth Haggerty with a signed shirt in memory of baby Isaac and his charity Team Isaac. We will make a presentation of the total raised via the shirt and my just giving page at our Featherstone fixture.

Behind the scenes we are working hard on recruitment identifying targets that we want at the club.

It is widely speculated about some of our players signing for another club – but that is the case across the whole sport.

Players come and go and I am sure our players who know that those who are leaving will remain committed - as will players that are at other clubs.

We again find ourselves in the uncertain position of not knowing which division we will be competing in next year.

But I have again decided to be the master of my own destiny and up the ante for next year.

If we are in Super League then I want us to have a competitive side and we can’t just find top quality additions at that point.

Furthermore if we don’t achieve Super League then we need to add quality to ensure we do next year.

So at our recruitment meeting last week I agreed we will utilise the full Super League cap next year and I will support the short fall further if we are still in the Championship.

As some will know I was at Wembley for the weekend watching United and that experience really motivated me that I desperately want to experience 
that from the other side in my lifetime, so I will continue digging deep and trying to build this club into a successful Super League club.

They say there’s no pockets in a shroud so whilst I have it I will spend it on something that not only I and my family enjoy but thousands 
of others and that in itself gives me all the satisfaction I need.

Further to my column last week it has now reported that Sam Barlow pleaded guilty to an offence of common assault, and my phone has been hot with people wanting to know the ramifications of that from the club’s point of view.

My position hasn’t changed on that – and as a board and club we are united in our support of our player Sam Barlow.

In my opinion the whole thing should never have even got as far as it did and a conclusion should have been reached months ago.

The fact that it turns out there is no substance, or certainly not considered enough substance, to run a 
trial of serious offences against Sam, speaks volumes and it has had a damaging 
effect on him whilst the process was ongoing.

There will now be a UKAD hearing to follow on June 6 and I am confident that Sam will be able to return to the club after that process has taken place.

The full facts will undoubtedly become known in the future and I can’t really go into them here other than to say I am aware of them and it is for that reason that Sam has always had our full support.

His return could be like having a new signing added to the squad.

And with some hard work we could see slamming Sam marching up the middle, popping the ball through 
the line for supporting players to break away as he has done so many times in the past.

Let’s hope so!