The Derek Beaumont Column: More rumours

Ryan Brierley. Photo: Paul McCarthy photography
Ryan Brierley. Photo: Paul McCarthy photography
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So another week goes by and with it more speculation surrounding Ryan Brierley.

I have to feel sorry for the lad, the speculation surrounding him is continuous. This week, in one trade paper it was suggested he wants to go to Australia whilst in another there was speculation because he didn’t play – and yet more confidential information concerning him in the public domain.

The only person who needs to know why he isn’t playing is the 
player himself

It is worrying to me how such information seems to constantly appear in the same paper via the same journalist, and that Ryan has to respond to it.

The thing that is consistent from Ryan is his commitment to the club and desire to see it achieve its goals of getting to play Super League.

He makes it clear he wants to play Super League but he wants to play it with Leigh Centurions.

I don’t feel as a club we should need to publicly explain why a player isn’t selected.

If it is Rangi next week or Ridy the following it will simply be that the coach has decided a different combination.

It was always clear from the offset that there would be competition in the pivots with three people vying for two spots.

We have three hookers competing, four centres, three wingers and a number of core players all going for places.

The only person who needs to know why he isn’t playing, and the coach’s reasons for the decisions, and what (if anything) the player needs to work on going forward, is the player himself.

I know that Neil spoke clearly to all the pivots and Ryan is aware of why he wasn’t selected for that fixture.

It has nothing to do with any approaches from other clubs or contract clauses. It was simply a decision by the coach not to select him for this game and whether that is the case next week will be down to Jukesy and his coaching team.

No player at the club is guaranteed a spot – they all earn it in training and in their performances and Ryan is no different.

With regards to offers for Ryan being in the public domain, only myself at Leigh Centurions was aware of them being made and, given they were rejected, Ryan was not aware of them.

Ryan is contracted so he wouldn’t have been aware of the interested club, or certainly shouldn’t have been.

That leaves the interested party with the knowledge – so I would suggest they may need to review their procedures on maintaining confidentiality, given this has appeared in the press.

It is unsettling again for us at a time when we are trying to establish certainty and build team morale.

This isn’t the only player that a Super League club has unsettled in our camp although I won’t go further into that as we have dealt with it between us but I cannot allow this kind of thing to happen again.

On a more positive note we got our first win under our belt and Lee Smith certainly looked like he is a good addition to our squad and will be a worthwhile investment.

It was nice to see him score on his debut and come up with an involvement in a lot of the scores.

It was also pleasing to see Hoppy score a hat trick; it’s not often a prop gets to do that.

Ironically his car ran out of petrol on the way to the game but he certainly had plenty in the tank on the field!

We finished the game a little makeshift and Jukesy must be wondering what can go wrong next.

In addition to Greg, Willie, Cory and Bob we have now also lost Greg W, Dicko, Tom A, and Riddy.

It is a freakish start and we join the misfortune seen at Huddersfield and Leeds.

But it is what it is and the lads will pull together and cover for each other and keep fighting hard.

It’s a long season and arguably best to have your misfortune early in the season rather than as it was last year at the business end.

Whilst our number of fit players is dwindling what was great to see was our number of fans increasing – a fantastic opening crowd of around 3,300 is very encouraging and I thank the fans for their support.