The Derek Beaumont Column: It’s a tough trip, so we’ll do it in style!

The Centurions' Summer Bash shirt
The Centurions' Summer Bash shirt
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So another week and another win and arguably our best performance to date.

What I found most pleasing was the team spirit and determination to defend our line.

Also over the last couple of weeks as well as playing through our pack we have started to see some fluidity in our backs and some nice tries of the back of it so it really is coming together nicely now as we divert our attention to the Challenge Cup.

I must take my hat off to my fellow director Steve Openshaw for the work he has put into everything surrounding our trip to Toulouse.

You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult, but with our keen supporters immediately snapping up flights after the draw was announced, our options were falling fast but in the end we settled on an itinerary that sees us travel via Barcelona staying in Perpignan.

The downside to this is the travelling on a coach so I decided to treat the lads and to make sure we do it in style by booking the FC Barcelona team bus for the occasion.

So any fans greeting the lads off the bus will be able to get their picture alongside it.

It is important that we do everything right on this trip at the same time as having some fun and using it to continue the bonding of the team.

Toulouse have been regularly posting 60 points on teams and not conceding many and will use the home advantage to the best of their ability so we will need to be switched on when we get there.

The week back after holiday is always a tough one dealing with jetlag and catching up with business but it was made tougher attending the funeral of young Isaac Haggerty. I am a strong believer in God but circumstances like those really do have you question your faith.

The priest who conducted the service was outstanding and Isaac got a fantastic send off in a beautiful peppa pig decorated coffin.

The turn out for him was almost as big as Isaac’s heart and there is no doubt he will rest in the hearts of us all.

I don’t know where Claire, Gareth and their family found the strength to make it through the day maybe it was Isaac himself who carried them through.

I have decided to replace my company’s logo on the much talked about Summer Bash shirt to that of the Team Isaac logo from his fighting fund to raise awareness and in memory of the little man.

The club will also donate the profits from the sale of the shirts to team Isaac fighting fund which will donate all proceeds to the Alder Hey Leukaemia research fund which is an in house research undertaken by the three consultants that treated Isaac.

Anybody wanting to make a donation can do so through a page I have set up and the money generated there will be added to the shirt proceeds and presented by the family to Alder Hey.

I thank you all in anticipation of your support for this.

Also this week Fui remains in hospital which isn’t good news although he is out of any danger and slowly recovering.

Rumour has it he is enjoying the pampering and attention of all the nurses whom I am told he is keeping extremely humoured. Fui would like to thank all those thinking of him and wishing him well.

I am sure he is devastated he doesn’t have to get on a plane amongst numerous bus journeys to play over in France! On a serious note it is hoped he will be home on Wednesday where he can continue his recovery.

While there has been no Fui there has been a very energetic Rangi Chase back around the club working hard to get himself an opportunity back in the team which is great to see. Everybody is working hard and it is paying dividends.

On the recruitment front everything is a little quiet at the moment although Neil and I have got a couple of meetings lined up this week with regards to strengthening our coaching team so hopefully there will be something to report on that soon.

Finally congratulations to Swinton and Oldham respectively on their wins at the weekend demonstrating how good the competition is.