Opinion - What does a car say about its owner?

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth

THEY say the car you drive says a lot about you as a person.

Personally I don’t subscribe to that theory but there is an element of truth in it perhaps.

At this point I must admit I have had some fairly awful cars. My first car – a Volvo 340 – was quite easily the worst car I’ve ever driven.

The choke (those of you under the age of 30 won’t have a clue what I’m talking about at this point) had snapped which made it fairly difficult to start of a morning.

It handled like a grumpy elephant during the mating season and was about as cool as white socks and sandals. That said it was ‘MY’ car and no matter what it is there is a bond you develop with your first car that no subsequent car ever does.

It was one of the first cars to have heated seats for a start. That said what Volvo had done was pretty much put a kettle ring element in the seat which seemed to just keep getting hotter and after 20 minutes your backside was on fire, but it was still a nice touch.

I have had quite a few cars since but never felt the affection I did for that Volvo.

What a heap of rubbish it was – but it was my pile of rubbish. That said a colleague of mine here in Observer towers once said that a car was ‘like a washing machine – it’s just there to get you from A to B.’

I’m still not sure what he meant by that. These days you cannot help but notice people in certain cars. In particular those business types in expensive saloons who don’t indicate or use the inside lane.

And then there are a break out group of business types who cannot help but look smug in their eco cars like a Toyota Prius.

Those people who think they are doing the ‘decent thing’ by shunning a mainstream car to drive an eco car despite robbing people of their life-savings for a living.

Then there of course those who modify poor cars so they look ridiculous.

Those who spent thousands of pounds on old wrecks when really they could just save up and buy something decent.

WHILE on the subject of driving I had the pleasure of visiting a friend last weekend in Hertfordshire.

He lives in Hemel Hempstead – home of the infamous ‘magic roundabout.’ And it really is a magical experience. Essentially it is one big roundabout with lots of mini-roundabouts on it and you can travel both ways round it!

It is quite clearly the brainchild of some LSD-induced engineer in the 1960s and is, to be quite honest, ridiculous. I thought I was negotiating it quite well until I went down the wrong exit straight into oncoming traffic!

If you are ever down that neck of the woods take a detour – it’s the craziest thing you’ll ever see.