Opinion - To eat or not to eat, that is the question

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth

IT’S that time of the year again. The time where non-religious souls suddenly fall into the arms of the almighty and give up trivial things for lent.

I was on a tram the other day and heard a grown woman on the phone say “I’m giving up chewing gum for lent.”

I mean – really!

So it won’t surprise you to know that I’m not giving up anything for lent as I am not a practicing Christian. I don’t see the same people fasting during Ramadan.

I have however taken steps to improve my health – namely my waistline. After witnessing the success of others who work here in Observer towers I have decided to take the 5-2 diet.

This involves fasting for two days a week and eating normally for the other five. I’m allowed a quarter of my daily calories which in short consists of plenty of black tea, water, a small bowl of soup and a small evening meal of steamed veg with a small steamed fillet of salmon.

I have now completed two days (Monday and Thursday – somebody in our place is doing Monday and Tuesday but I’m not made of substance strong enough to do it two days running) and I will admit – the first day was tough.

I don’t tend to eat breakfast anyway so didn’t feel I was missing much there.

I will admit I missed the milk in my tea all morning, but fortunately I’d spent sometime on board a Royal Navy ship as a younger man where black tea is the benchmark so it wasn’t too tough an ask.

I was ready for my soup at lunchtime and was thankful for it. However, by 3.30pm my stomach was in knots and I was in a pretty bad mood by 5pm.

I had dinner at about 7.30pm and was expecting to be starving again by 9pm but I wasn’t and went to bed feeling OK. In short, other than the afternoon I felt OK. The experts say you can lose a stone and a half in three months by observing this diet so I’ll keep you posted.

I SUPPOSE I will have to congratulate Wigan – again! It’s been many a year since away fans came to the Etihad and sang ‘can we play you every week’ and meant it.

Nobody even sang that to us when we were down in the depths of the football league out of pity.

The best team won and Wigan sold out their allocation so fair play to them. I won’t lie - it hurt, but such is life.

Good luck to Latics in the semi-final – I hope they go on win it again.