Opinion - Remember those carpets on the roof?

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth
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THE other morning on my daily commute to Wigan I was on the slip road heading onto the M60 when ahead of me I saw a car with a carpet on the roof.

Nothing odd about that you may think but I suddenly felt a wave of nostalgia.

Is it me or did we used to see a lot of cars with carpets precariously tied over the roof in years gone by.

This motorist had done it the old school way. The carpet was far too long for the length of the car and was tied with the thinnest of white string from the tow hook on the front to the boot catch at the rear.

I can vividly remember my old man returning home one Saturday morning with a similarly awful roll of carpet slung across the roof of his Capri.

That got me thinking. Why don’t you see it so much anymore?Is it that people expect better service and therefore want carpet delivered?

Was it just that it wasn’t part of the service provided by carpet retailers in the 80s and 90s?

That got me thinking further about other things you never see anymore.Here are a few I can think of:

White dog poo - it used to be everywhere - did diets change in the meantime? The mind boggles.

Encyclopedias - every person I knew owned an encyclopedia - where did they go?

Disability cars - little blue three wheelers outside train stations and Wimpy. My Uncle Howard lost a leg and was given one but once piled five of his mates in after an afternoon in the pub and had it taken off him.

Random dogs - we regularly saw the same dogs wandering alone on our streets. What changed? When was the last time you saw a dog out on a mooch by itself?

Bovril crisps - what ever happened to Bovril flavour crisps? Awesome things.

Power balls. I’m sure they still exist but they aren’t as mainstream as they once were. There used to be machines that sold them at supermarket checkouts.

Those strips that used to hang from the back bumpers and drag along the ground of Rover 3500s that supposedly stopped static igniting the petrol tank!

Thankfully GB stickers on cars that you could never remove.

Can you think of anything else that you no longer see anymore?

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