Opinion - Check footy fixtures before booking wedding

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth

I LIKE football. That is what I’ve always thought and what I’ve said. However, recently I’ve come to ask myself if it is more than just that I like it.

I watch pretty much every single Manchester City match and like to watch other big games too. I know I am not alone in this and a lot of my friends are similarly inclined to do the same.

However, it was suggested to me that I’m obsessed with it the other day.

Obsession is a terrible word and I instantly refuted the claim without giving it a second thought.

But then I started thinking about it. Am I obsessed with football?

After evaluating how much time I spend watching, talking or reading about it I can say that it does take up a large proportion of my life.

My good lady works nights, sometimes twice a week and I will find myself watching whatever football is on when she’s not home.

I put this down to me considering myself to be a student of the game and have a love for football across the globe, so I quite like to keep on top of what is happening in other leagues in Europe and beyond.

Some of my close friends also like to do this (one of whom has a intrinsic love of all Eastern European footballers for no reason whatsoever) and it makes for odd but interesting debate over a pint or two.

I do know friends who are literally obsessed with football. I know one chap who was that annoyed that the football season was finished that he watched a recorded match played by his son on Fifa on the Xbox. That is my definition of obsession. However, a few days after the accusation of obsession, I was going through my diary when two things struck me.

I’m best man at a wedding in May and I was horrified to realise it was on FA Cup Final day. Now, thanks to Wigan Athletic, City won’t be going so that is the problem solved but it did not stop me from instantly ringing the groom-to-be (a Sunderland fan for reference) and ask him what sort of man books his wedding for FA Cup Final day!

Looking further on in the year I realised I am attending another wedding in June. The World Cup I cried inwardly! I stopped short of asking the geezer what sort of man books his wedding day when Nigeria are playing Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Me obsessed - never!