Fitness column - Help me get back into a routine

Health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
Health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
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AMY, 25, asks: I’ve been out of action from the gym for several years now, in fact I can’t remember the last time I went. Have you got any tips on how to ease my way back into things? I don’t want to dive straight in and end up with aches and pains!

The Colonel says: Amy, It’s always a little bit scary when you haven’t exercised for a while, many people put it off for far too long, worrying about how they will perform but ladies and gents, the longer you put it off the more your fitness can deteriorate and thinking about joining a gym won’t burn any calories, so take the plunge!

First things first, book yourself in for an induction! Just because you have been to a gym before doesn’t mean it’s the same.

You need to know how to safely use the machines and equipment and if you have been out of action for a while things could have changed.

Next, consider booking a fitness assessment with a personal trainer. This way you can discuss your goals, any previous injuries and experience with a professional, they can advise you on the best course of action to safely reach your targets.

Personal trainers can put your through your paces and help you gain a better idea of your fitness levels in a safe environment.

Most importantly you need to listen to your body, yes you do need to push for change but having taken time out your body will not appreciate you pushing too hard too fast.

If your body is saying no, listen to it, after all it’s the only one you get! If there is something you are unable to do then take it easy, you’ll get there, it could be days or weeks but you will get there. Pushing too hard could injure you or demotivate you putting you out of the game for longer!