Openshaw family offer £3k reward

Andy Openshaw
Andy Openshaw
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THE family of a local father-of-two is offering a four-figure reward for information that leads to a conviction for what they believe was a vicious assault that left him fighting for his life in a Spanish hospital.

Andy Openshaw was on a stag do in Tenerife in January when, on his first night, he was found in the base of an empty swimming pool with a fractured skull after breaking from the group and walking home with a friend. He still hasn’t come round and his friend remembers nothing of the incident.

Police in Spain initially claimed he had dived into the pool, a theory his family have refuted since meeting them and learning of their sketchy reports, including the claim that emmergency services arrived at the scene at 12.45am despite it being recorded that they only received a call at 1am.

After a big campaign to bring Mr Openshaw home, with insurance companies refusing to pay out believing it to be a drunken accident, £30,000 was raised by members of the publuc and he was flown to the Walton Centre in Liverpool where the full extend of his injuries was revealed.

Consultants said the 31-year-old had also sustained fractured eye sockets, cheekbones and jaw sockets as well as two broken fingers and a dislocated knuckle.

It was their belief that Mr Openshaw’s injuries didn’t line up at all to him diving or falling into a pool but that he had been the victim of a vicious attack.

Relatives of the Westleigh dad, including wife Laura, were told that he had been kicked around the eye sockets, the cheekbones, the lower jaw and that he had front temple fractures as well as the main impact to the rear of his head.

Ever since these details were revealed in February, the family have become determined for the truth to come out but Spanish police are refusing to re-open the investigation.

Leigh MP Andy Burnham has also thrown his weight behind the family’s case but there has been no progress.

However, after carrying out their own investigations, the Openshaws believe that there is a key witness for the attack and they have taken the decision to pay out €3,000 for any information that leads to a conviction.

Andy’s father Simon said: “The only way forward now is for someone in Tenereife to come forward with information.

“The Spanish police have now altered their initial report, with their inaccuracies, which we had given to us with a lady called Mary from the British consulate present but they still claim Andrew dived into that pool.

“The family have taken this decision to offer the €3,000 reward for information but it must lead to someone being convicted. If this was to happen, it would help the truth come out and the insurance would also have to pay out.”

Although the family has been left frustrated with the investigation, there have been positive signs with regards to Mr Openshaw’s progress in recent weeks.

Initially Spanish doctors gave him 48 hours to live, prompting relatives to fly over to Spain to be at his bedside.

Now though, with him back i nBritain, he has made steady progress.

“He has been making some movements,” added Simon.

“He has also started trying to speak and has been making noises which is obviously a really good sign.”

Anyone in Tenerife with information is asked to contact should local police not accept their statement.