One Minute Manifesto series: Full list

The 2017 One Minute Manifesto series
The 2017 One Minute Manifesto series
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With only days to go before the 2017 general election, here is the complete list of our One Minute Manifesto series.

We invited each candidate to record a 60 second message to our readers, outlining why they deserve your vote.

Polling stations open at 7am on Thursday so if you are undecided, these videos may help you make up your mind.


Will Patterson (Green)

Alex Williams (Conservative)

Nathan Ryding (Ukip)

Lisa Nandy (Labour)

Mark Clayton (Liberal Democrat) - not submitted


Adam Carney (Conservative)

Bob Brierley (Independent)

Yvonne Fovargue (Labour)

John Skipworth (Liberal Democrat)


Mark Bradley (Ukip)

Jo Platt (Labour)

James Grundy (Conservative)

Richard Kilpatrick (Liberal Democrats) - not submitted