One in ten men change underpants ONCE a week

Y-fronts or boxers?
Y-fronts or boxers?

One in ten men admitted to wearing their underwear for a whole week before changing them, a new survey has found.

And the average men’s underpants are four years old, according to the study by menswear retailer Jacamo.

The poll of 2,000 males also found that more than half of those questioned were regularly wearing pants with holes in them.

More than three-quarters of British boxers and briefs do get a wash after wearing, but it’s the 10 per cent that are worn up to seven times before hitting the laundry basket that will shock women up and down the country.

Bad breath, bad teeth and a lack of manners are listed in the top five female turn-offs, alongside underwear that is worn-out or smelly. Despite that, only six per cent of males base their underwear choice on what their partner prefers.

British men own a average of 13 pairs of pants, buying a new pair every six months and spending £20.75 per year, with black pair of cotton boxer shorts the most popular purchase.

However, pant preferences change with age - Y-fronts or briefs most popular up till age 20, boxer shorts the choice between 20 and 50 and a return to Y-fronts once the age of 60 arrives.