Olympic help invite for churches

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MEMBERS of Leigh churches are being invited to a day that will help them prepare for engagement with this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The day, which offers a choice of 11 practical workshops, is organised by More Than Gold, the charity set up to help churches serve their communities and international visitors through the Games.

More Than Gold’s UK Director, Jon Burns, said: “With the region hosting the Olympic Torch during its national tour we want to help the churches to play their part. And not just for the Torch Relay but for the Games themselves”.

The regional training day, called ‘Get Set’, is from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Saturday, March 31 at Thornleigh College, Sharples Park in Bolton. The choice of workshops includes how churches can run a community festival, and use sport to engage with people of every age.

Other subjects cover how to support the Torch Relay, how to respond to Games-related issues such as homelessness and fair trade, and how to be inclusive for those with disabilities.

The Bolton event is one of a series of 16 ‘Get Set’ days throughout the UK. They cost £10 per person with registration at morethangold.org.uk/getset

Mr Burns added: “Churches play a central role in their communities and across the UK they are already planning sports and arts festivals, children’s clubs and youth cafés specifically connected to the 2012 Games. These ‘Get Set’ days give them the help needed to be at their very best’.

“Churches should send their key people involved with children, youth, community engagement and outreach.

“They will gain practical insights from past Games and skills to use for years to come’.