Offer incentives to improve recycling

A COUCILLOR is urging the local authority to consider offering incentives for residents going green.

Independent Coun Gary Wilkes, pictured, has suggested Wigan Council follow in the footsteps of other councils and provide Wigan residents with monetary incentives such as store vouchers or club points in a bid to get them recycling their waste.

He said: “Although many people in Wigan are very good at recycling, there are pockets across the borough where it is just not happening. So in a bid to get people recycling I believe we should adopt a pro-active approach and reward residents by offering vouchers or club card points.

“It would mean us joining forces with some national companies but I think this could really work and get people on side to help us reduce the amount we put in landfill each year.

“In the long run, this would also reduce the tax we pay on landfill. It is everybody’s duty to recycle and this could be the boost people need to do it.”

Birmingham City Council has already rolled out a pilot scheme in conjunction with Nectar whereby residents receive 25 Nectar points each time they use their card and paper doorstep recycling box.

Dr Gail Robinson, Waste Disposal and Recycling Manager at Wigan Council, said: “We welcome initiatives that encourage people to think about the waste they produce and to increase diversion of waste from landfill.

“We are monitoring the range of incentive schemes on offer to see if they could be something that would work for residents of the borough in the future.

“Our current recycling rates prove that many of our residents are already committed to doing their bit to reduce high landfill costs - and this helps ensure Wigan Council can protect other essential frontline services in these difficult times.”