Lessons in love: Victorian Valentine's cards unearthed in shoebox give modern day bachelors lessons in romance

The collection of charming and sentimental Valentine's cards

A collection of Victorian Valentine's cards have fetched £100 at auction after being found lying in a dusty shoebox.

The 120-year-old cards give a fascinating insight into how attitudes towards wooing and courtship have changed since the 1880s.

The antique cards sold for 100

The collection of charming and sentimental messages from would-be lovers were discovered in a shoebox.

One of the notes, which is headed "To my love", describes their lover's "bright glances like sunbeams" and "sweet voice music, whispering low".

The antique cards sold for £100 after going under the hammer on Saturday at Hanson's Auctioneers in Teddington, London.

Another of the romantic messages reads: "Could I be untrue to thee?

The Victorians have given us all a lesson in the art of romance

"Ne'er while life remain-eth.

"Hard indeed indeed that heart must be,

"Which thine own e'ver paineth,

"Then, oh, then believe me true

"While life shall endure for you."

Auctioneer Charles Hanson said: "I found them in a shoebox and it was love at first sight.

"The sweet floral decorations, gentle colours and equally gentle wording talking of 'hope', are a delight.

"Today, some Valentine's cards appear very brash in comparison and often lack the delicacy of sentiment and meaning demonstrated to us by the Victorians.

"Sending a message of love to someone who may not know your feelings is a delicate matter and the simple charms of these Victorian cards remind us how it should be done, tastefully and elegantly.

"Likewise, cards perhaps meant for a long-term sweetheart are equally appealing, comparing a voice to music and 'bright glances like sunbeams'.

"Another asks, 'Could I be untrue to you? Ne're while life remaineth'.

"Thanks to the discovery of these cards, the Victorians have given us all a lesson in the art of romance in time for February 14 2018."

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