VIDEO: Shocking CCTV footage released of six-year-old boy hit by car as he crosses road

Footage of a six-year-old boy being hit by a car in Blackpool has been released as a warning to other parents.

The youngster, who was sent flying through the air after being hit by a blue Ford while running across Whitegate Drive, escaped with minor cuts and bruises, police said.

Police released CCTV of the accident as a warning to others

PC Tim Taylor said the boy was 'lucky' and added: "The vast majority of parents teach their children about road safety and how to safely cross the road.

"We know many schools provide advice to youngsters too.

“The footage is a warning to all people what can happen if you ignore those rules."

The accident happened outside Tesco Express at around 6.30pm on Sunday, October 15.

“Remember, find the safest place to cross, stop before you get to the kerb and look around for traffic and listen," PC Taylor added.

"If traffic is coming, let it pass and when it is safe, walk straight across the road, don’t run.”

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