Noise complaints rising

Noisy neighbours  led to many of the complaints made to the council
Noisy neighbours led to many of the complaints made to the council
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More and more complaints about noise are being made by residents across the borough, it has been revealed.

Data obtained by the Post under the Freedom of Information Act show 1,374 complaints were made to Wigan Council during 2016.

That was an increase of nearly 10 per cent on the 1,252 reports made the year before.

There were 1,029 complaints in 2014 and just 645 in 2013.

The figures show Leigh was the noisiest area, accounting for 258 of the complaints made across the borough.

Another noisy area covered Whelley, Ince, Beech Hill and Swinley, where 196 reports were made during the year.

A total of 154 complaints were made in Hindley, Hindley Green, Abram, Platt Bridge and Bickershaw.

Noisy neighbours were the most common cause of the complaints, leading to 624 reports to the council - a rise from 567 in the previous year.

Barking dogs also caused more issues, with the number of complaints increasing from 317 to 374.

Alarms led to 68 complaints, pubs and social clubs created 63 complaints, while construction and plant vehicles led to 65 reports.

There were 14 reports about cockerels, 33 about music, 12 about fireworks and one about ball games.

Council bosses warned that serious cases of noise pollution could lead to people appearing in court.

Will Blandamer, assistant director for reform and transformation at the council, said: “We would encourage people to be good neighbours and try and settle issues amicably first before involving ourselves or other public services. Often people are not deliberately making noise and do not realise that they are causing a problem for others.

“However noise that is excessive and unreasonable is a form of anti-social behaviour and can adversely affect someone’s quality of life. It can also have a detrimental impact on their health and wellbeing. In serious on-going cases of noise nuisance someone could end up in court and fined up to £5,000.

“We do actively encourage people to report noise nuisance to us and we have a number of different measures we can take to tackle issues where a satisfactory outcome can’t be found for both parties.”