New lamps lightening the road

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SECURITY in a local town centre is being looked at in a different light.

CCTV on main streets in Golborne was installed a couple of years ago but it was then discovered that poor illumination was hampering those detecting crimes.

Matters came to a head a year ago when someone was caught on film breaking windows at Golborne Post Office but because the neon street lamps were quite dim, police were unable to identify the offender from the images.

And local councillors Yvonne and Mark Klieve (the latter has since stood down from the authority), chipped in hundreds of pounds from their appropriately-named Brighter Borough Funds with cash from the now defunct Partners and Communities Together (Pact) project to bolster the council’s own funding to provide new street lighting.

Now 26 new standards have been installed on Heath Street, High Street and Queen Street which not only shed more intense, white light on the roads, but are also more environmentally friendly.

Coun Yvonne Klieve said: “We are delighted at the difference the new lighting is making. Not only will it enhance CCTV images, the extra brightness should also be a further deterrent to trouble-makers.

“We had received concerns from local businesses relating to anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to their property.

“During a review of the village security it became clear that the lighting was affecting the effectiveness of CCTV.

“So working with the council’s Street Lighting Department and with the support of our Pact officer, we reviewed the columns that were affecting the CCTV images and found there to be 26 requiring an upgrade.

“The new lighting, which in total cost £7,528, use the latest running gear technology creating an annual saving of £750 and the majority of the material used in the construction is re-cyclable.”