New fears for tot Braiden

Braiden-Lee Prescott (right) with brother Tyler
Braiden-Lee Prescott (right) with brother Tyler
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NEW fears were raised for little Braiden Prescott after he suffered a bad reaction to chemotherapy treatment.

The three-year-old tot, who has been fighting neuroblastoma for the last year, is currently at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, after he was taken there with a raised temperature and lethargy.

Dad, Wayne, of Leigh, said: “We don’t know what is wrong with Braiden at the minute. He had a full week of chemotherapy and then he came home.

“But we had to take him to hospital last week as he had no energy, was sleeping all the time and didn’t look very well.

“Doctors don’t know what is wrong with him, and he is taking antibiotics.

“They are now trying to schedule a full body scan, although doctors think it may be a fungal infection.

“Braiden was doing really well and had not been ill for quite a while, but after his immunotherapy treatment was not working in America and we had to come back, he had to have chemotherapy again, which we didn’t really want because it made him ill.

“All we can do for him is to be there and hope he gets better.”

Braiden’s mum, Stef Reece, has been updating Braiden’s fund-raiser Facebook page.

She said that despite Braiden’s taking a turn for the worse over the weekend, feeling dehydrated and in pain, his heart rate had returned to normal on Sunday evening.

She added that they were considering stopping his chemotherapy treatment, but: “This isn’t the end of the road for Braiden. He has other treatment options and he has a chemo plan B.”

The family is looking into further treatment in Germany and is still fund-raising to cover the cost of the treatment in America, which is £250,000 and so far more than £140,000 has been raised.

Anyone wishing to help Braiden, who is supported by charity Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, can donate via the website, or by text message by texting BRLE99 and an amount to 70070.

Meanwhile, a family fun day has been organised to raise money for the Braiden-Lee Prescott Appeal.

The event will be held at Platt Bridge Community Zone, Ribble Road, on Saturday, March 30, from 11am until 4pm.

Entry is free, with donations accepted.

There will be an Easter egg hunt, morris dancers, face-painting, a bouncy castle and raffles and tombolas.

Everyone is welcome.