Never mind Brexit, is it time for Lexit?

Ukip's Mark Bradley at a previous election count
Ukip's Mark Bradley at a previous election count
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Ukip's Leigh election hopeful will campaign to make the town independent from Wigan.

Mark Bradley is urging residents to support his attempts for "Lexit" to "take back control" from Wigan Council.

Mr Bradley, previously Ukip Wigan's chairman, said that the Leigh constituency has been neglected since falling under the jurisdiction of Wigan Council in 1974.

He said: “The Government’s Localism Act determines that accountability for local spending decisions should rest with local communities.

“It is unacceptable that taxpayers’ money from Tyldesley, Golborne, Leigh and other areas should continue to be poured into projects in Wigan.”

His pledge comes after Coun Jo Platt was announced as Labour’s candidate going into the June election with Andy Burnham stepping down after 16 years.

The constituency has had a Labour MP since 1922.

Mr Bradley, an ex-Royal Navy serviceman who has lived in the Leigh since 2012, previously campaigned as the Ukip candidate for Wigan in the 2015 general election, gaining 8,818 votes.

He added: "In June 2012 my family and I moved into our new home in Leigh, less than a mile from where I grew up.

"On my return I was struck by how much the area had suffered under the Labour Party. It is my aim to put this right.

"I call on the people of Tyldesley, Golborne, Leigh and other local areas to get behind this campaign.

"Since we were forced under the heel of Wigan Council, our area has been neglected and run down. There are lots of very intelligent people in this part of the borough, but we continue to be dictated to by the Labour councillors in Wigan.

On a national level, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has said that the party is going to target seats sensibly in regards to resources and manpower. The party has already committed to slashing the foreign aid budget by £10bn, tweeting that "Charity begins at home".

This is not the first time there have been calls within the borough for independence. A petition in 2009 called for Atherton to go it alone, with more than 2,000 residents signing the request.