Murder trial jury sent home

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A JURY was resuming its deliberations today in the case of a Leigh man accused of murdering his wife.

Rickie Nehls, 30, has told his trial at Preston Crown Court that he had “flipped” when his wife, who was known as Boom, got angry with him one morning and allegedly told him she would go mad and make his life hell.

He said he remembered having his hands around her neck, describing it to the court as if he had been breaking the surface from being underwater.

He denies a charge of murder, but admits the manslaughter of Pornpilai Srisroy at their address on Maple Crescent, Leigh. The prosecution alleges that what happened last April amounts to murder.

The couple had orginally met while he was on holiday in Bangkok when 20-year-olds. They later married and she came to this country in 2005, after finally obtaining a visa.

The defendant has claimed in evidence that his wife, who was known as Boom, had outbursts where she would be verbally aggressive towards him, threaten to kill him and had even used violence.

By the close of court yesterday, the jury had deliberated for nearly five hours.