Mum-to-be’s terror at knife threat ordeal

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A WIGAN man has been jailed after he brandished a sword-like knife in front of a pregnant woman during a fight.

Ryan David Allen, of Rosedale Avenue, Atherton, was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison when he appeared at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court charged with three counts of assault.

Robin Lynch, prosecuting, told justices that in the early hours of February 12, the 23-year-old entered Awais Butt’s flat, where two other people - Mathew Ellison and the pregnant woman - were also present.

Mr Lynch said: “Allen had with him two long blades, including a 24ins knife, which was like a sword.

“He pointed the blade at Mr Butt’s face and threatened him.

“He moved the sword away and pointed it at Mr Ellison.

“A female who was present in the room shouted that she was pregnant and everything seemed to calm down.

“Allen sat on the settee and placed the knives down.”

Mr Lynch added that earlier, Allen was involved in an altercation with Mr Butt outside the latter’s flat after he wanted to borrow tobacco.

The argument resulted in Allen’s punching Mr Butt in the face and kicking him in the leg.

Mr Butt threw a punch back but neither parties were injured.

Allen said that he would return to “terrorise” him, and he and a friend came back to Mr Butt’s flat a short while later, armed with a broom and two blades.

After threatening Mr Butt and Mr Ellison with the knife, Allen then shook their hands and left and the pair agreed not to report the matter to the police, but were later persuaded to do so.

Allen was then charged with two counts of assault against Mr Butt and one against Mr Ellison.

Mr Lynch said: “Both victims said they were terrified and thought they were going to be assaulted with the weapons.”

Steve North, defending, said: “Allen had been drinking and has been dependent on alcohol for the last six years, although he has taken proactive steps to address that.

“When he came to his senses, he put the weapon down and apologised to the parties before leaving.”

He added that Allen was taking medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and despite having previous convictions, had been out of trouble for three years.

Sentencing Allen to three months in prison, the chairman of the magistrates told the court: “This must have been a terrifying experience and it took place in the victims’ own home.

“We cannot ignore the aggravating feature of threats with a sword stick.”