Mum finds plastic in birthday cake

Claire Bullen-Jones at Tesco Extra in Leigh, where she bought the birthday cake
Claire Bullen-Jones at Tesco Extra in Leigh, where she bought the birthday cake
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A STUNNED mum has told how her young daughter found a long piece of plastic embedded in her shop-bought birthday cake.

Claire Bullen-Jones bought a Caterpillar Cake from the Tesco Extra store in Leigh in preparation for her daughter Macie’s fourth birthday the following day.

But when little Macie took the cake in to nursery to share with her friends, she discovered a long piece of plastic embedded inside.

Mrs Bullen Jones said: “The piece of plastic was longer than my index finger. I was horrified. If one of the children had eaten it they could quite easily have choked.

“If it wasn’t a children’s party I wouldn’t have wasted my time complaining, but there were 10 other children there who could have been affected too.

“Most four-year-olds don’t pay much attention to what they’re putting in their mouths either. Anything could have happened.”

Mrs Bullen-Jones, 24, was provided with a refund when she returned to the Tesco Extra store on May 1 to complain.

But she’s now worried that other cakes in the same batch may also have been affected.

Mrs Bullen-Jones, of Harrow Crescent, now wants Tesco bosses to apologise not just to her and her daughter, but to everyone at the nursery.

She also called on them to tighten up their checks on food items - particularly those marketed for children.

She added: “It’s only by luck that nothing nasty happened. It’s awful to think about what might have been - it’s not good enough.

“It was a birthday to remember for my daughter - but for all the wrong reasons.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We have very high standards of food quality, and were concerned to learn of this issue. Now that the product has been returned to us, we will be conducting a thorough investigation with our supplier.

“We will, of course, be in touch with our customer to keep them updated with the findings of this investigation.”