Mum appeals for help to find son’s attacker

Police appeal
Police appeal

A MAN has been left with a fractured eye socket after being punched in a nightclub.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they were called to Bradshawgate in Leigh at about 3.40am on November 13 to help a man who had been punched in the Est nightclub on Railway Road.

It was just awful. I am such an emotional mess and I have been really shaken up

Amy Houghton

The victim had left the club and police helped him get home but would not file a complaint with the officers.

But his mum has taken to Facebook in a bid to find out more about what happened to her son, who has been named as Reece in social media.

Chelle Amy Healey posted the day after the incident: “Did anyone see anything outside Est in Leigh on Railway Road last night. My son was severely beaten and knocked unconscious.

“Please share, I want the scumbag found. He is a mess.”

She later posted that Reece had a suspected fractured eye socket.

Chelle had also originally posted that the doorman had put her son in a taxi not an ambulance but later edited the post to say she had discovered this was untrue.

The attack comes just a week after a man and a women were left battered and bruised after an unprovoked attack outside a Leigh pub.

Amy Houghton, 37, says she is now too scared to go out in the town centre after the vicious attack outside Waterside Inn, in Twist Lane, in the early hours of November 7.

She was enjoying a night out with pals in the Twist Lane pub when one of their friends was set upon and she tried to intervene.

The row appeared to subside but as Mrs Houghton and her group left, the man who had provoked the earlier argument was lying in wait.

He launched a frenzied attack on the group, during which Mrs Houghton sustained injuries including a broken front tooth.

Police are now appealing for witnesses to come forward to find the man responsible.

Mrs Houghton, who has a 15-year-old daughter, said: “We had been out for a few drinks with friends and as most left, we went into Waterside Inn with another friend.

“We were chatting to people, our other friend who had separated from us came back saying he had been hit in the face.

“We went to find out what had gone on and as we tried to stop a further altercation, we were all told to leave. We thought that was unfair as we had not done anything wrong. We had not started the fight - we tried to stop it.

“As we left, one of the guys was waiting for us and he attacked us.

“There were fists flying - it all went crazy. I tried to break it up but he threw me like a rag doll.

“My front tooth is smashed and broken. I need extensive work to be done to repair it.

“I have also broken my little finger and got bruises to my knees.

“It was just awful. I am such an emotional mess and I have been really shaken up.

“We believe this man is well known in the area and we are too frightened to go into Leigh, as clearly he is still out there.

“We have spoken to the police, but nothing has happened yet, which is frustrating. We are really scared.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed the incident had been reported to them and they were investigating.