Mill project’s £75k boost

Leigh Spinners Mill
Leigh Spinners Mill

AN HISTORIC Leigh building is celebrating a £75,000 windfall which should ensure it becomes an even bigger attraction.

Leigh Spinners Mill received the grant from Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN) which will ensure the engine house roof is stabilised and any asbestos is removed.

The Leigh Building Preservation Trust (LBPT), has been campaigning to redevelop the grade II-listed mill and recently showcased the floorplans and a draft masterplan for the multi-million-pound proposals.

Now thanks to WREN serious work can begin on the development.

WREN is a not-for-profit business that helps benefit the lives of people who live close to landfill sites by awarding grants for community, conservation and heritage projects.

Built in 1913 to serve the textile industry, with the second building added 10 years later, the building is currently the home of the Leigh Spinners Company which makes products including carpets and artificial grass surfaces.

The Trust plans to transform the building into a community venue housing sports facilities, rooms for hire and shops as well as renovating the historic wheel house.

A spokesperson for the LBPT said: “We’ve listened to the thoughts and the suggestions of the many people who attended the successful consultation events.

“Building on these we now want to showcase our proposals and share the progress we’ve made.

“The people of Leigh and its surrounding areas have shown there’s a real appetite for this project.

“We want them to feel this mill represents their aspirations and houses the facilities they want.”

“It has formed part of the skyline of Leigh for a century, and we’re keen to ensure it will play a big part in the town’s future.

“It houses the biggest horizontal cross-compound engine in the UK, and with over 360,000 square feet to fill this is an exciting opportunity to do something really innovative. Leigh Spinners Mill is an important part of the borough’s industrial heritage and houses the largest steam engine of its type in the country.

Plans for the regeneration will also include the restoration of the historic wheel house.

Scheme co-ordinator Peter Rowlinson said: “This is one of the most important buildings of its type and is unique. It is an important part of the heritage of the town and it will be wonderful to see it creating jobs and facilities for the people of Leigh.

An official hand-over of the grant is planned in the coming days.

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