May 7 - the race is on

Who will get your vote on May 7?
Who will get your vote on May 7?
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THE race to claim the borough’s parliamentary seats on May 7 will see 17 candidates battle it out across our three constituencies.

Wigan and Makerfield’s seats will be fought by seven and five parties, respectively.

And in Leigh shadow health secretary Andy Burnham is to be challenged by four other candidates in his bid to retain his seat.

Wigan’s full list of candidates is Mark Bradley (UK Independence Party), Richard Clayton (Liberal Democrat), Gareth Fairhurst (Wigan Independents), Caroline Kerswell (Conservative), Lisa Nandy (Labour), Brian Parr (Independent) and Will Patterson (Green Party).

In Makerfield, Labour’s incumbent Yvonne Fovargue faces competition from Andrew Collinson (UK Independence Party), Philip Mitchell (Green Party Stop Fracking Now), John Skipworth (Liberal Democrat) and Zehra Zaidi (Conservative).

Leigh’s seat will be contested by Andy Burnham (Labour) Stephen Hall (Left Unity - Trade Unionists and Socialists), Les Leggett (UK Independence Party), Louisa Townson (Conservative) and Bill Winlow (Liberal Democrat).

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