Man fakes medical emergency for free ride to hospital

Paramedics took the man believing him to be genuinely ill

A man faked a medical emergency to get a lift to hospital from paramedics, local ambulance workers have revealed.

Paramedics at North West Ambulance Service reported that they took a man to hospital after he claimed to have "poor mobility" and "reduced sensation" in his legs.

On arrival, the patient got up and walked off.

He later admitted that he had duped paramedics to get a lift to the hospital to see his friends.

The shocking tale was reported on Twitter this morning (Thursday) by emergency medical technician (EMT) Shaun Gerrard and shared by the official NWAS account.

The service has said this is what it has to deal with "day in day out" and that unfortunately there is no law against wasting ambulance time.

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