Makeover planned for park

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A GROUP of residents are planning to transform a Leigh park after forming their own fund raising association.

The Friends of Lilford Park have formed a nine-strong committee and hope to secure thousands of pounds in Lottery funding to give the park a make-over.

The committee have decided the main priorities to improve the park are getting toilets installed, maintaining the paths and gardens, improving security and increasing provisions for sport, but are also hoping people who visit regularly will also submit their own ideas for how to make the park better.

Treasurer Steve Aspden said: “Most of the committee live in the local vicinity, and many of us are dog walkers and people who use the park a lot and see the general state of it.

“We feel it needs some big changes. There are no toilets, and I would say it’s one of the few parks in the borough which doesn’t.

“It’s a real problem for families visiting the park, and it’s even more irritating when there’s a fantastic children’s playground but no toilets. The council have looked at it but said it will cost around £30,000, which is not really possible for them to spend in austerity times.

“The paths in the park are also falling apart in some places, and the gardens and edges need some looking after. That needs doing to bring the park back to its original glory, and these are the sorts of things we hope to do.”

The group has now been officially recognised by Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, who maintain the parks throughout the borough, and are free to seek grants to improve facilities.

The Friends of Lilford Park are hoping to apply for funding from sources including the Heritage Lottery Fund, local businesses, and the Environment Agency.