Major landlord offers its tenants free benefit aid

Christine Wigham
Christine Wigham

A Leigh-based private landlord is offering to help tenants make their money go further and calling on its residents to make use of its free and confidential money advice service.

Adactus housing association says its trained staff can help people access benefits they may not be claiming, with successful claims for unclaimed benefits running into several thousands of pounds.

Their service also offers budgeting advice, can access trust funds and assist people in making their income go further.

Adactus money adviser Christine Wigham said: “The benefits system is not easy to navigate and people are not always given the full facts about what they can claim. The number of forms that need completing can put people off, especially if they are disabled or elderly and need to appeal against a decision.

“I’ve recently dealt with a case concerning a gentleman in Atherton who suffers from a very rare disabling condition. We applied for personal independence payments on his behalf back in January of last year but the application was refused.

“We then went on to appeal this decision at a tribunal, and I’m pleased to say that the appeal was successful, meaning he was awarded almost £4,000 in backdated benefits.”

Adactus stresses the service is both free and confidential for any of its thousands of borough tenants. The advice service can be contacted on 0300 111 1133.