Major drive for extra care

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POLICE are planning a clampdown on vehicles which should not be on the borough’s roads - in a bid to cut the number of accidents over winter.

Motorists across the borough are being urged to drive with care and ensure their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition as the dark nights set in.

And they are also warning pedestrians and cyclists to take extra care in the darker nights.

Police say they will be having a crackdown on motorists - and their vehicles - by setting various check-points across the region to check that passing vehicles are in a good state of repair.

People will be pulled over and have their cars checked for a series of items, including brakes, tyres and lighting.

Road Policing Insp Kev Otter said: “The number of people killed and seriously injured on roads is at the lowest in years but we typically see an increase in collisions at this time of year as the darker nights creep in.

“As it becomes darker it is harder to see pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists so drivers need to pay extra attention to the roads and take care with their journey.

“Motorists should make sure their vehicle is in good working order in terms of tyres, brakes and overall repair.

“They should ensure that lights are working and headlights are set correctly, washer bottles are full and wipers are working correctly.

“Pedestrians need to be aware that it is harder for motorists to see them and should take precautions. I would encourage them to wear high visibility clothing when on the roads during darkness and to use pedestrian crossings wherever possible.

“I would also ask parents to ensure that if their children are using a pedal cycle they have high visibility clothing and have working lights.”