M-way junction is branded an embarrassment

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Community News

A FORMER Wigan Mayor fears a “mucky” motorway junction may damage the borough’s economic prospects.

Discarded rubbish – much of it thrown from the windows of cars by anti-social drivers – litter the embankments of M6/M58 Junction 26 at Orrell.

He claims that, as a major westerly gateway into the authority area, it is not the type of positive face that should be presented to the rest of the region.

And has now called on the Highways Agency to organise a clear-up.

The Conservative Federation Chairman, a former Orrell councillor, said: “The state of the rubbish and litter on the slip road at Orrell is an eyesore and an embarrassment to the borough.

“I have been contacted by many residents from Orrell about the state of the slip road. It is disgraceful that it should be allowed to get in such a state.

“I am calling on the Highways Agency to act with immediate effect.

“This slip road is a major gateway into Wigan and goodness knows what people think if they come into Wigan via this slip road, so what impression of Wigan does this give to visitors from outside the borough?”

He is now calling on the council to put pressure on the Highways Agency to act.

Mr Winstanley said: “I hope that this is cleaned up as soon as possible and we can get the area looking as it should do and being a credit to the borough and not rubbish-strewn mess it is today.”

Greater efforts have been made to make other entrances to the borough rather more welcoming, not least at Land Gate where new-arrivals are greeted with the Spirit of Wigan statue on the roundabout.

The Highways Agency is currently engaged in preparatory work for a major overhaul of junction 26 which includes an extra motorway lane.