Locks changed as man moved

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A SQUATTER has been booted out of a Tyldesley council house after being ordered to go by a county court judge.

The man was left in the family home in Tyldesley after his mother moved on to pastures new.

He had no legal right to stay and Adactus advised him that he was an illegal occupier, or squatter.

Tenancy Enforcement Manager Debbie Parkinson (picture) said: “This man was left in the property when his mother moved out and he had no legal right to succeed to the tenancy.

“We met with the man concerned to try and encourage him to take up more suitable alternative accommodation, but unfortunately it was not to be and we were left with no option but to take the matter to court.

“The judge agreed that the man had no right to be in the house and that he should leave.

“The locks have now been changed on the property and we’re looking to let the house to a family who will make better use of the property.”

Although squatters are not a common problem for Adactus, removing them can cost up to £1,600 and the cost of legal action, lost rent and putting right any damage falls on all Adactus tenants.

Debbie added: “Anyone who is potentially in a situation where they might be left in a family property on their own should talk to us at the earliest opportunity.

“If there is no legal right to succeed to the tenancy then we won’t normally let them stay in the property but our tenancy management team will be able to give them advice and may be able to assist them with alternative accommodation.”