Little Braiden back in treatment

Braiden Prescott after his chemotherapy at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
Braiden Prescott after his chemotherapy at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
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A TOT who is suffering from a rare form of cancer has restarted chemotherapy, following a delay in his treatment.

Three-year-old Braiden Lee Prescott, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma almost a year ago, is currently receiving the therapy at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

He was due to start the medication a couple of weeks ago, but it had left him suffering from lethargy and high temperatures, and so his parents, Stephanie Reece and Wayne Prescott decided to delay it on two separate occasions.

But the Leigh youngster showed signs of improvements and is currently having his second dose.

Mum Stef, 22, said: “So far Braiden is doing fine. We have not seen any side effects but that will probably come next week, as that happened last time. He will spend the week in and out of hospital and will stay overnight at the weekend for stronger chemotherapy.

“He is doing really good at the moment. We took his milk tube out on Monday afternoon and he cant stop eating. We didn’t want to give Braiden the chemo at first because of the bad side affects, but we only have limited options and we have to do something to help him.”

Meanwhile, Braiden’s second cousin, Natalie Prescott, of Ashton, completed the Blackpool half-marathon at the weekend for the Braiden-Lee Prescott Appeal.

The 30-year-old said: “We do a lot of fund-raising for Braiden.

“I have always wanted to run a half-marathon but never had the guts and Braiden has to fight everyday. He has no choice, so how could I not do anything? I have been running for a couple of years, but didn’t have too much time for training as I only decided to do it three weeks before. I raised more than £300 and did it in one hour, 55 minutes, so I beat my personal best.”

Braiden’s family had to raise £250,000 for pioneering treatment in America, which he had to abandon as it was not working.

They are now considering other therapies in Germany and still need funds. Anyone wishing to help can donate via, or by text message by texting BRLE99 and an amount to 70070.