Light firm aids NHS in bid to cut costs

A LIGHTING specialist is helping NHS Trusts to be green with its latest development.

MHA Lighting, based in Atherton, has invested in developing revolutionary LED technology that offers businesses and organisations up to 80 per cent energy savings, as well as slashing CO2 emissions.

Its main drive has been to reduce carbon emissions for NHS Trusts and the private health care sector and it began developing its patented LED technology in 2008 in response to the Green agenda.

The LEDs were designed as a fully sealed unit to stop dust, bacteria and dead insects from gathering around warm light fittings, making the installations the ideal solution for public spaces. That is particularly important in the health sector.

Tom Harrison, managing director, said: “At a time when the Government has set the NHS tough targets to reduce CO2 emissions, more energy efficient lighting is paramount in saving money and reducing carbon footprints.

“Under CRC organisations such as the NHS will receive £12 for every tonne of carbon saved. This money can be directly ploughed back into frontline patient services.

“Trusts are always seeking ways to free up money for clinical care.

“MHA Lighting is delighted to have found a solution that can help in both these vital areas and hope to be able to make our technology available to all Trusts nationwide.”

The LED technology was also designed to burn 20 per cent of the energy of traditional fluorescents and their 60,000 hour life span (seven years) also eradicates the needs for routine maintenance and bulb replacement.

Mr Harrison added: “Our LEDs use two thirds the energy consumption of our closest competitor and electricity prices are continuing to rise.”