Leigh residents living in fear as MP demands action

MP Jo Platt
MP Jo Platt
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Leigh’s MP is supporting residents living in fear as they call for urgent action to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Problems range from noise at all hours of the day and night to a playground being trashed and even people walking around with machetes.

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The nuisance behaviour takes in several streets in Leigh, including Glebe Street, Gordon Street, Railway Road, Grasmere Street, Prescott Street and Windermere Road.

In a letter, one resident said: “It has now hit a level of deadly weapons being visible on the street along with life-threatening behaviour.

“At least 40 residents have now had no choice but to join forces to put it in writing about the daily happenings that have distressed people to the point of despair.

“Many residents have been forced to make plans to move away as other good ones have sadly done.”

Another resident said: “It is horrific. People have been in tears, we can’t have any peace. There are a lot of people moving away.”

Residents say despite pleas for help, so far nothing has been done.

They have now met with MP Ms Platt (pictured), who is contacting Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

She said:“The area has become a hot-spot for anti-social behaviour and is causing many people who live and work in the area a great deal of fear and anger.

“People often complain that having reported an issue, no action or help in dealing with this is forthcoming. This must be addressed and I am writing to GMP and Wigan Council to establish why and what steps can be taken now to help them.

“In the near future, I will be asking GMP, Wigan Council and local residents to meet with me to discuss how we can improve the area and to deal with the complex issues we face in our town.”

Insp Darryl Codling, from GMP, said: “We are meeting with local MP Jo Platt to discuss community concerns and are keen to start an open dialogue with local residents to find long-term solutions.

“As we continue to work in partnership to tackle this anti-social behaviour, it’s really important that any offences are reported to police so that we can act on it at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Will Blandamer, from the council, said: “We work with public partners, for example the police, and with communities and residents to address anti-social behaviour from prevention to enforcement.

“We welcome a meeting with Jo Platt MP.”