KFC closures across Wigan borough - latest

KFC in Pemberton

All of Wigan borough's branches of KFC have reopened after this week's nationwide chicken shortage forced them to close.

Closures had been in effect at the borough's five branches of the chicken chain because of the nationwide poultry shortage, but all were listed as open as of yesterday (Wednesday). It has not been confirmed whether or not the stores will be operating limited menus or shorter opening hours.

KFC Ince is closed

Wigan’s open KFC branches:

Robin Retail Park, Loire Drive

Ince - Smithy Green, Manchester Road

Leigh - Parsonage Retail Park, Atherleigh Way

KFC Gerard Street, Ashton

Ashton - Gerard Street

Pemberton - Orsmkirk Road

Earlier this week, KFC announced it had been forced to close a raft of stores after a new delivery contract with DHL resulted in chicken shortages across the country. The company said that of those outlets that were still open, many were offering a limited menu or had cut their hours.

"We've brought a new delivery partner onboard, but they've had a couple of teething problems - getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex!" KFC said in a statement.

KFC at Parsonage Retail Park, Leigh

It has since managed to reopen more around half of its UK outlets.

The closures created outrageous reactions from hungry punters, so much so that Greater Manchester Police were forced to put out a statement urging people not to call them about it, after several people had called 999 to vent their frustration.

All open stores are listed at www.kfc.co.uk/crossed-the-road

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