Kamikaze Island axed

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A NOTORIOUS roundabout dubbed “Kamikaze Island” by motorists will soon bite the dust.

Wigan Council has announced plans to demolish the roundabout where Twist Lane crosses Atherleigh Way and replace it with a junction controlled by traffic lights.

The roundabout is something of an accident hotspot due to the number of exits from it, with traffic also flowing to and from the island via the access route to the Parsonage Retail Park, the site of the town’s Sainsbury’s store.

The council expects the work to transform the traffic island will take around 20 weeks, although measures to divert vehicles and minimise disruption while construction is carried out are yet to be confirmed.

The work will be carried out using money raised from the development of Bickershaw Colliery.

Leigh MP Andy Burnham welcomed the council’s decision and said he believed it would prove popular with residents.

Mr Burnham said: “I think a sigh of relief will be breathed around Leigh to hear the island’s days are officially numbered.

“At times it’s like playing roulette going around the roundabout, and sadly there have been accidents down the years. Our main priority has to be safety.

“The council are confident the new lights will also improve traffic flow, and having seen the layout I think they have got it right. There will also be much better pedestrian crossings.

“I am sure there will be few tears shed in Leigh for the roundabout when it goes.”