‘I could have to move because of fly-tippers’

James Langer says fly-tipping means he cant open his windows
James Langer says fly-tipping means he cant open his windows
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A borough resident says the issue of fly-tipping outside his home has become so bad that it endangering his health.

James Langer says a mound of bin bags, food waste and even beds, behind his Hindley flat, has done nothing but grow in the eight months that he has lived there.

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The 43-year-old, says he cannot even open the windows because the risk of rats swarming in is too high.

James, who has lived in his flat for eight months, says the mound of rubbish behind his property is even a danger to life, after it was deliberately set alight.

“It’s totally ridiculous,” he said.

“It’s so unsightly, it’s so unbearable that this is happening.”

The fly-tipping hotspot is visible from James’s flat window, and sits close by to the car park of Tesco Extra.

“It started off as just carrier bags, but now there are beds and even rats there. It’s disgusting.

He added: “It’s added to on a daily basis. I am not putting up with this.”

James also expressed concern that if the issue is not dealt with soon, it could even become fatal.

“If there’s a big fire, I could get trapped in my flat and get burned alive. I only have one way in and out, which is a stairway.

“There’s actually been a fire because of it,” he added.

“I have CCTV installed, and I noticed somebody with a lighter. I saw this bed on fire and I called the fire brigade straight away. It could have been a bigger fire once it got going.”

He revealed: “It worries me a lot. At the time I moved in, I was unaware of the problem. I had a viewing of the flat, but the rubbish must have been just cleaned up at the time.

“There must be about two shopping bags being chucked over there every day. They are full of things like dog food, you can just smell it. It reeks.

“Even the floor is covered in grease every morning. It’s mud and grease everywhere, I need to wear wellies to go into my garden.

“I feel like I may have to move, because I might do some damage to myself here.”

When considering why people might feel the need to dump rubbish behind his flat, James put it down to “just laziness.”

He said: “It’s far easier to chuck it over a wall than it is to take it to a skip. It’s a shame really. I just want it to stop.”

Frustrated firefighters were recently forced to issue a warning about dumping rubbish, amid an epidemic of deliberate fires start using waste and litter.

They called for residents to refrain from leaving bags out in the street, as it could be providing arsonists with easy ammunition.

A Wigan Council spokesman said work was being carried out to prevent fly-tipping at a number of hotspots in the borough.