Housing plans spark residents’ fury

Land off Woodland Road, Hindley Green
Land off Woodland Road, Hindley Green
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CONTROVERSIAL proposals for 25 new houses which have sparked fury among residents will be considered by the council’s planning committee.

Councillors will consider an outline application to build on land in Hindley Green to the north east of Greenbank Industrial Estate.

Developers will only seek approval from the planning committee for the access to the site from Woodland Avenue and Ashley Road at the meeting on Tuesday.

However, the plan has already generated a huge, angry response from people living nearby with more than 20 residents bombarding the town hall with objection letters.

The site, which is south of Woodland Avenue, west of Athol Crescent and north of Ashley Road, is surrounded by single-storey houses and plans for 25 houses which all have two storeys have caused fury.

Protestors also say the access roads are unsuitable and risk congestion and accidents, existing houses would be overlooked causing residents to lose privacy, the building would increase the chances of flooding and contamination and local services would be unable to cope with the increased number of homes.

Applicant Excelsior Properties has submitted to Wigan Council an indicative layout for the site with 25 houses on it, though the details of the development will not be considered at this stage.

A report prepared for councillors says the local authority’s highways engineer is satisfied projected levels of traffic can be accommodated on the nearby roads and the loss of wildlife habitat and green space can be mitigated.

The site, which measures 0.76ha,has housing on three sides and an industrial estate on the fourth and is currently vacant.

The Environment Agency, Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (GMEU) and United Utilities have all seen the proposal and raised no objections.

The report said: “The proposal is consistent with national and local policies which promote residential development within sustainable locations.”

Officers have recommended councillors approve the outline application but the developers will have to enter into a Section 106 agreement to provide affordable housing and open spaces and build play areas.

The terms of the agreement have not been finalised, but the developers will also be expected to meet a long list of conditions if approval is granted.