Horror as pet dog is savaged to death

Scotman's Flash - scene of the attack
Scotman's Flash - scene of the attack

A pet dog was savaged to death in front of its owners at a popular Wigan beauty spot.

Two women and a child are said to have looked on in horror as the Weimararner was “shaken about like a rag doll” by a large bull terrier-type dog which a witness says looked like it had been given steroids to make it more aggressive.

It is worrying to think that these dogs are around and are not muzzled

Coun Holland

Meanwhile the attack dog’s owner, said to be a dark-haired man aged between 19 and 24 simply stood by with his arms folded, doing nothing to prevent the killing.

Police and the RSPCA say they have not been able so far to get to the bottom of the incident which was said to have taken place on fields next to Scotman’s Flash, Poolstock, last Saturday afternoon.

The owners, who had another Weimararner which managed to escape the killer dog’s jaws, appear not to have come forward with a complaint.

But Mark Champion the flashes’ project officer for Lancashire Wildlife Trust, said that he had heard information about the incident from enough reliable sources now to be convinced that it had happened.

He said: “This sounds like a horrible attack. We had only had a community forum earlier this week at which relief had been expressed that there hadn’t been any dog attacks for the last six months and then this happens.

“The last one involved several pet dogs being set on a fox and tearing it to pieces.

“Clearly this is concerning to us because the Flashes are meant to be a tranquil nature reserve and leisure facility where people can walk their dogs in peace.”

Reader Wendy Richer, who is a friend of a witness to the attack, said: “The dog in question was a black bull terrier type but almost looked deformed it was so huge with a massive head.

“The witness thought it had probably been injected with steroids. I didn’t even know people did this. The lad with the dog had dark hair and was around 19 years of age. He clearly stood by and did nothing with his arms folded while his dog threw the Weimeraner threw it about like a rag doll. Two women and a child were with their poor dog, their other dog having managed to flee the scene.

“The witness walks his dogs over there every day but has never seen the young owner before.”

Local councillor Lynne Holland was contacted about the attack by Ms Richer and in turn informed the council’s anti-social behaviour team although officers there hadn’t heard about it either.

Coun Holland said: “I am very concerned about this, not least because I have dogs myself.

“It is worrying to think that these dogs are around and are not muzzled.

“I am going to speak to the local police officers to see if they can include the area in their foot patrols in future.”