Hob sensor blamed for kitchen fire

Fire service
Fire service
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A TOUCH-activated sensor on a hob has been blamed for starting a kitchen fire.

Firefighters were called to an address in Hindley Green at around 8pm on Saturday.

They found the cooker in the semi-detached house on Crossdale Road had somehow switched on while a pile of clothes had been left on top of it, starting the fire.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel to put out the flames, which caused damage to the hob, extractor fan and several wall units. There was also smoke damage in the kitchen and dining room.

The occupants, who all managed to get out of the house before calling the fire brigade after being alerted to the flames by the smoke alarms, told firefighters the hob sensor responded to touch and the household pet may have triggered it.

Crew manager Daaniel Molyneux from Hindley fire station said: “We think the hob had been accidentally touched and set fire to the clothes on top of it.

“The people in the house think the dog might have jumped up and touched it. I’ve never seen a cooker with a sensor activation like that before.

“The family all self-rescued before we got there because they smelled the smoke after being alerted by the alarms. This incident once again shows the importance of having working smoke alarms and everyone needs to make sure they’ve got them.”

Crews from Hindley, Atherton and Leigh fire stations all attended the scene. The operation lasted around 90 minutes.