Hero firefighters’ award for saving baby

The awards ceremony at Leigh fire station
The awards ceremony at Leigh fire station
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HERO firefighters who brought a baby back from the brink of death have been given an award.

The Green Watch crew at Leigh fire station were presented with a certificate of outstanding performance for helping Lowton mum Francesca Lowe and her young son Thomas.

Francesca drove on to the station yard after desperately trying to revive Thomas, who had turned blue after choking on some milk.

The firefighters immediately sprang into action and used oxygen therapy to revive Thomas, who has since made a full recovery from his ordeal.

The crew’s quick-thinking during the terrifying incident in May saw them presented with the award in a ceremony at Leigh fire station on Wednesday December 2.

Assistant county fire officer Dave Keelan said: “It gives me great pleasure to be here tonight. I can remember this incident from back in May and thinking what a great achievement it was by Green Watch. It’s a fantastic story.

“The crew’s actions ensured Thomas, who had been born prematurely and was just three weeks old, survived his ordeal.

“Thomas has made a full recovery and his mother Francesca has organised a series of paediatric first aid courses with her local Sure Start Centre for parents in Lowton.”

Firefighters Ryan Bailey, Wayne Hesketh, Dan Ogden, Jonathan Vickers and Gordon Worthington all received the outstanding performance certificates.

Francesca has now also set up classes at Lowton CE High School to ensure other parents know what to do in a similar situation.

Francesca said: “If it weren’t for Green Watch I don’t know what would have happened. Thomas might not have survived or got to the hospital on time, it beggars belief.

“I started hearing everyone else’s horror stories, so I’ve set up a first aid course and trained up 24 people already and hopefully it will help lots more people.

“I’d like to thank Green Watch again they did a really great job and really helped Thomas. I think it’s really nice that they’ve been thanked in this way because they are pretty special.”