Here are some Valentine's chocolate gifts from Marks and Spencer

The Collection: Love is Sweet
The Collection: Love is Sweet

Marks and Spencer is spreading a little love this Valentine’s Day, with a mix of romantic sweet treats to share with your loved one.

Marks and Spencer is spreading a little love this Valentine’s Day, with a mix of romantic sweet treats to share with your loved one.

Cupids Cocktails Chocolates
Milk, dark and white chocolate truffles with Prosecco, vodka, gin and rum flavoured cocktail filling, decorated with edible lustre.


These were very popular, being described as melt in the mouth chocolate with delicious and unique flavourings. They had fun romantic names: Romeo and Juliet, with gin, mint, lemon and rose had a hint of a Turkish delight. The Azteca (dark chocolate with rum, ginger and chilli) was a little to bitter but you could taste the rum. Cupid’s Kiss had a tasty raspberry and vodka filling in white chocolate. Amore was another tasty treat, being milk chocolate filled with Prosecco.

The Collection Love Is Sweet
A delicious selection of milk, dark and white chocolates with assorted centres.
The heart-shaped box is sure to be a real pleaser for that special someone. The chocolates are beautifully decorated with shimmer and pink speckling and are as delicious as they look. The coconut milk flavour was a unique addition but the chocolate was too sweet for the coconut. The caramalised white chocolate heart tasted like fudge and was very pleasant.The champagne heart was a romantic red colour and very enjoyable. The Valencia orange heart was tangy and worked well worth dark chocolate.

Chocolate Hearts
Box of 4 decorated milk and dark chocolates with assorted centres
The pink shimmer was very appealing, creating a unique chocolate. The caramel centre on the milk chocolate heart was delicious. The dark chocolate heart was very creamy and rich.

Prosecco & Rose Love Heart Jellies
Assorted flavoured jelly sweets with Prosecco and sparkling rose wine.
These were sweet and smooth, despite the sugar coating. There was not really a strong sense of Prosecco, with one tester feeling it tasted more of pears. The raspberry flavour was very sweet.

My Heart Belongs To You
Raspberry flavoured jelly sweets.
These were absolutely delicious and very moorish, with strong fruity flavours.

Can’t Bear to be Without You
Assorted fruit flavoured jelly sweets.
Our tasters found these were a bit tangy and too chewy, sticking in their teeth. It was felt this overpowered the flavour.

Be My Sweet Heart
Swiss milk chocolate foiled hearts.
These were creamy and delicious. Once opened, they did not last very long.

You Melt My Heart
Milk chocolate salted caramel filled hearts.
These chocolates were described as ‘yummy.’ The caramel was smooth and sweet, without being too sickly.

Filled with Love truffle balls
Smooth milk chocolate truffle balls: with creamy white centre, chocolate mousse and crispy hazelnut fillings.


The hazelnut filling was sublime and very much like Ferrero Rocher. The chocolate mousse filling was lovely and not as rich and sickly as Lindt chocolate.

Two Chocolate Heart Cupcakes
Rich chocolate sponge with a soft chocolate ganache centre, topped with chocolate and vanilla frosting and a red heart
These were a lovely flavoured cupcake, with soft sponge and nicely decorated but very rich with the ganache filling.

Be My Valentini cocktail
Cranberry, orange and lime flavoured rum-based drink.
The name of the drink is a cheeky play on words and is a fun addition to a party. It was quite sweet and rather tasty with lemonade.

The Collection Pink Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Gift Set
Sparkling pink rose Spumante wine with Belgian milk chocolates
Presented in a stylish box, the chocolate truffles were rich but not overpowering, leading to a really balanced and enjoyable experience.
As for the Spumante rose, it was fresh and just dry enough for someone who doesn't like wine being too sweet. It complimented the truffles well.