Helping the homeless

Annette Hewitson
Annette Hewitson
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LEIGH woman Annette Hewitson has helped form a formidable partnership between Barnabus, the homeless charity she works for, and bake & TAKE, a new Continental deli-style bakery.

The partnership has launched to coincide with Poverty and Homelessness Action Week (January 25 to February 2) with bake & TAKE pledging to make daily donations of fresh food, with the aim of fighting food poverty.

From sandwiches and soup to pizza and pastries, bake & TAKE will give boxes of produce to Barnabus indefinitely, providing much needed food for its drop-in centre, which is open five days a week, Monday to Friday.

Each week, Barnabus serves 500 to 600 homeless or vulnerable people at the drop-in centre, offering a lifeline to those who need it most.

Relying entirely on donations, Barnabus provides food for the homeless, as well as hot showers and toiletries.

Annette said: “The partnership between bake & TAKE and Barnabus is such positive news and links well to Poverty & Homelessness Action Week. With hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people visiting our drop-in centre each week, this partnership will ensure that we can always provide food.”