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Dawn Moore
Dawn Moore
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A LEIGH woman who has battled cancer twice was horrified to find, both times, that there was no support group for adult sufferers in the area so is launching her own.

Based at Bedford and Higher Fold Children’s Centre, the new group is the brainchild of Dawn Moore.

Dawn has battled malignant melanoma (skin cancer) and breast cancer in the last eight years, and wanted to use her own experiences with the illness to benefit othrs.

She said: “I had treatment for malignant melanoma and got the all-clear after five years although any mark I find on my skin has to be removed.

“Then I found a lump under my arm which wasn’t cancer, and one in my breast which was.

“Ironically just before I was told I had breast cancer I was feeling really well and healthy.

“I had lost three stone with Slimming World and was asked to be in their magazine but on the day the photo shoot should have taken place I was having treatment for breast cancer.”

The group will offer information and advice, helpful talks as well as free alternative therapies.

Dawn, who is studying for a degree in psychology, added: “I realised that no cancer support group existed in Leigh. The group is for anyone in recovery from cancer, whether they are still in treatment or the treatment has ended.

“Even when treatment for cancer has ended there can be ongoing issues.

“For instance, you get the slightest twinge and your mind thinks ‘oh no...’ and it helps to talk to people who have had the same cancer so this is an opportunity for recovering cancer patients to meet each other for support, once a month”. 

Wigan Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, Coun Keith Cunliffe, added: “Those who devote their time and energy to organising these groups are doing a great service in the community.

“The council will work to support them because residents affected by cancer can truly benefit from the help they offer.”

The group’s first meeting will be held on Saturday (March 10) in the school hall at Bedford and Higher Folds Children’s Centre, Astley Street.

Anyone interested in joining the group can come along at any time between 10am and 2pm. Refreshments will be provided.

To find out more about the group, please contact Julie Robson on 01942 263532.